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Five Tips from a Diabetic Chef

Five Tips from a Diabetic Chef
Seven years agone, Elizabeth Mwanga weighed over two hundred pounds associate degreed didn’t skills to boil an egg. these days at thirty six, she’s a hundred pounds lighter and makes her living developing healthy recipes—thanks to unknown polygenic disease that landed her in an exceedingly the big apple town ER. “In the hospital, I created a acutely aware call to eat healthier, turn and manage my condition higher,” she recollects. “It wasn’t driven by, ‘Oh, i need to seem fabulous in an exceedingly bathing costume.’ I required to create these changes so as to measure.” Mwanga shed her excess weight in but 2 years, educated herself to cook, and landed a spot on the Food Network’s “Chopped” change of state competition show. Her diabetes—a subtype referred to as sort one.5, or latent juvenile diabetes in adults (LADA)—now is in check, while not medication. and she or he is functioning to develop an internet social network to attach doctors with patients World Health Organization have polygenic disease. “I feel lucky. All of this has been a results of my labor,” she says. “But you recognize what? everyone will do what I did.” Here ar Mwanga’s prime polygenic disease management tips: one. Check blood glucose a minimum of 3 times each day. “It’s the one most vital factor you'll do,” she says. 2. Get to grasp the Glycemic Index (GI). The mensuration, that rates foods supported however quickly a person’s blood glucose rises when intake them, “is just like the bible for diabetics,” she says. a number of her favorite low-GI picks embrace fish, eggs, nutty (not cooked or candied) and vegetables. 3. Add contemporary herbs to dishes. “I use plenty of cilantro, oregano, parsley,” she says. “I conjointly use garlic and onion. They add plenty of flavor for essentially no calories.” 4. estimate whereas you watch TV. “I wish to jump rope throughout business breaks,” she says. “You will get a jump rope at the 99-cent store!” five. browse food labels. opt for product with fewer than fifteen grams of carbohydrates per serving, and stay up for hidden sugars in on the face of it healthful foods like turkey bacon and low-fat dressing. “Don’t simply examine the calorie content. concentrate on the ingredients,” she says. to determine your polygenic disease risk, visit polygenic disease.org/risktest.
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